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Question: How do I get the WebConnect images to show correctly?

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The image files must be in a StarTeam project for the images to display correctly. Make sure you have added the Web Connect image files to a project. The images are in a sub-directory in Web Connect (which is under the install directory of the StarTeam Server). You will want to add this folder, and all its files, to a new project. Create a new project on your StarTeam server for this purpose and call it ?WebPics?. When asked what the working directory will be for your new project, merely point it to the Web Connect Folder in the StarTeam server installation directory. A few folders should be added to your new WebPics project. The most important folder is called: Images. Focus on the Images folder, and add all the Web Connect image files to the your new project. There will be approximately 92 new file items to add to the Images folder. (Note: Do not name the alias ?Images? of the same name as the Images folder. This will cause the images to not display properly.)

Go to User Manger in StarTeam server and add a new user with a logon name of Guest and no password. After creating the new user, right click him, go to Properties | Logon, and click "Set as blank password". Close the StarTeam User Manger and StarTeam client. Leave the StarTeam VirtualTeam server running.

Launch Web Connect Administrator. When In Web Connect Administrator, note that you have a drop down field that reads "Under a user login (HKEY_CURRENT_USER)" and "As a service (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)". If you choose as a login, you will have to run Web Connect as an application. If you choose as a service, then you will start and stop the Web Connect Server from Control panel under services. Choose how you want to run the Web Connect server. Select the "Servers..." button from the project tab and select modify. Select or create a new server and edit the server's properties. Make the user specified on the server properties the StarTeam Administrator (with the appropriate password). Press OK.

Now create Aliases for all the projects you want Web Connect to present. In addition, add the WebPics project as an alias. Call the WebPics alias "WebPics".

In the Web Connect Administrator, with the Projects tab active, select the ?WebPics? alias. Next, select the HTTP tab. Check the check box "Permit direct HTTP access to Web Connect". Make sure the field Web Images URL path is completely blank. Select the Server Project Alias drop down box, and pick WebPics. Then click the button "Browse" and select the Images directory. You probably want to select Generate Home Page. You also want to apply these changes. 

For each project alias, under the project Tab, select each alias and press the properties button and go to the Files tab, and select assign content type to files. 

Select the project tab again, and then select the project alias that has the web images (WebPics) and then click on properties. Under the Project Tab, uncheck "Display in generated project listing page". Now select the Users Tab, then select "allow Guest Account log on". Set the user name to Guest. Leave the password blank. This will enable special access to the files stored in the WebPics project, regardless of the user, so that the user will always get graphics and other items. Hit OK, and close Web Connect Administrator. 

Start the Web Connect Server. You should now be able to connect with your browser by typing in the IP address of the machine running Web Connect server followed by the port, ex. http:/

Web Connect should now be presenting all your projects and displaying images correctly.