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Q: According to what I've read, the virtual team server web interface requires ms IIS. We already plan to run the freely available apache web server. Is there functionality of the StarTeam web interface that requires IIS or is there a way to use apache instead and not run IIS?

StarTeam gives users the option to use Direct HTTP to allow access to Web Connect. This allow users not have to worry about third party tools. However if Third Party tools are necessary we have successfully tested and work with Netscape and Ms IIS. We have not tested Apache, though it may work, we just have not tested it yet.

Q: I am unsure about how many users are legally allowed to use StarTeam. For example, if we purchase 5 client licenses and 1 server for 5 developers (people who are intimately involved with SCM activities) and I configure the web interface can less involved personnel for which we haven't purchased client licenses legally use the web interface or does each person who interacts with the virtual team server (either via the windows or the web interface) require a client license?

No, for Full Users we recommend full blown clients and a server. For those casual users we recommend you Web Connect .