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Question: How do I get IBM VisualAge for Java to work with StarTeam?

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You will not find any information in the StarTeam documentation about integration of StarTeam in IBM's VisualAge for Java. VisualAge for Java (VAJ) uses the Microsoft Source Code Control API (SCC) to talk to StarTeam and by installing the VB and Developer Studio Integration module when installing the StarTeam client, StarTeam will become you Source Code Control Provider from within VAJ.

If you already installed the StarTeam client, all you need to do is:

  1. Run the StarTeam client installation again

  2. Choose "Custom Installation".

  3. Deselect all but "VB and Developer Studio".

StarTeam will now be available from within the VisualAge IDE. You don't have to run the StarTeam GUI client on your machine in order to get access to version control from within VAJ once you have installed the integration, but the StarTeam client must be installed.

The manual for VAJ states:

"In the Windows NT registry, your SCM tool must be registered under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SourceCodeControlProvider, for the variable ProviderRegKey. To verify this, issue regedit from a command prompt. For more information, consult your SCM tool's documentation on enabling Source Code Control (SCC) functionality."

When you run the StarTeam client installation above for VB and Dev Studio, the registry key will be set correctly, but you might want to check it if StarTeam doesn't appear within VAJ.