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Question: How do I register my  StarTeam products?

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If you leave the serial number and access key text boxes blank when installing the StarTeam 4.0 products, an evaluation copy is installed.  You will need to update the registration of the products to continue using them beyond the 30-day evaluation period.

You may register the StarTeam Virtual Team Server after you set up and configure your server.  The Serial Number dialog appears on your screen after you have selected your server configuration. If the Server is already running, right click on the Server icon and select: about StarTeam Server.  This should bring up an About window with a Register button. Click on the registration button and then select the product to be registered, and click on the registration button again. On the next dialog enter your server serial number and access key.


  • Serial #: 31-001-400-000111

  • Access key: AAAA

If entered correctly a Registration accepted message appears.  Restart your StarTeam VTS for the registration settings to take affect.

Next, for every client accessing the server:

The process for entering the client registration is very similar.  You may enter the registration data on client startup or by using the Help=>About. Click on the registration button, select the product, click on the second registration button and enter the client activation key.


  • 31-000111AAA

The server serial number, Access key and client activation key are on the StarTeam Virtual Team Server registration card.  If you do not have this key, contact your StarTeam Administrator or team leader.