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Moving a StarTeam Repository

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Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam Server 3.x, 4.x

  • MS SQL 6.6, 70

  • MS Access


Moving a StarTeam project repository from one machine to another requires a few steps of special setup to ensure that the new machine to receive the StarTeam repository has the correct cipher phrase and DSN created.  In order to perform the move successfully, the following conditions must be met:

  • You will need to know the Cipher key for the Repository.

  • You will need to install StarTeam VirtualTeam Server on new Computer where the repository will be located.

  • Know the back end database you are using with the repository.

  • Be aware of any foreign archives that the repository is using.

  • Make certain that if the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server configuration is currently running as a service, to first change it back to run as an application.  You can do this by going into the Control Panel - Services applet, choose the StarTeam server configuration, click "Stop", after the StarTeam server service has stopped startup the StarTeam Virtual Server application, choose that configuration and click the "Remove Service" button.  Do not start the StarTeam server configuration at this point, but make certain that after moving the repository that it will startup first as an application, then you can set it as a service once again by clicking the "Set Service" button in the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server application.

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Moving the .scg and cph files:

  1. Stop the StarTeam server on the old machine.

  2. Copy the repository directory to the new computer or hard drive.  Try to maintain the same same directory structure.  If the directory structure has changed for the repository on the new machine, you will have to update the StarTeam .scg before running the StarTeam server.  See Running the server for the first time.

  3. Copy the configuration file and cipher file in the StarTeam Virtual Team Server Config Files directory to the new StarTeam Virtual Team Server Config Files directory.
        C:\Program Files\StarTeam VirtualTeam Server 4.0\Config Files\DEMO.SCG
        C:\Program Files\StarTeam VirtualTeam Server 4.0\Config Files\DEMO.CPH

Manually recreating the ODBC connection:

  1. Start the StarTeam Virtual Team Server.

  2. Select the repository you wish to start.

  3. Click on the Properties button.

  4. To the right of the Cipher name box click on the Verify Button.

  5. Re-enter the cipher key phrase that was used to create the repository.

  6. Click on the Database tab.

  7. Highlight the entry in the DSN box.

  8. Hold the Ctrl key and hit the C key on the keyboard. This will copy the name entry to the clipboard.

  9. Click on the Ok button.

  10. Click on the Windows Start button at the bottom lower left of the desktop.

  11. Click on the Settings menu and select the Control Panel.

  12. From the Control Panel select the select the ODBC icon.

  13. In the ODBC controls select the System DSN tab.

  14. In the ODBC System DSN tab click on the Add button.

  15. Scroll down the list of Create New Database source and select the appropriate database driver. Click on the Finish button.

  16. Move your pointer to Data Source Name box and click. Hold the CTRL key down and hit the V key on the keyboard this should paste the DSN name from step 9 and 10.

  17. You can enter any useful information in the description box if you wish.

    If your StarTeam backend database is MS SQL, follow these additional steps:

    a. Select SQL Server.
    b. Ctrl+V in the DNS Name box.
    c. Enter the description for the System DSN.
    d. Select the SQL Server where you created the SQL database.
    e. Leave the Network Address and Library box as (Default).
    f. Click on the Option button.
    g. In the Database name box Select the SQL database for StarTeam and Click on the OK button.
    h. Also place a check mark in the box on the following items:
            "Use ANSI quoted Identifiers"
            "Use ANSI nulls, padding, and warnings"
    Note: If your ODBC MS SQL driver does not support "Use ANSI quoted Identifiers" or "Use ANSI nulls, padding, and warning" please update the MS SQL ODBC drivers.

    If your StarTeam backend database is MS Access, follow these additional steps, and then skip to step :

    a. Click on the Select button in the Database box.
    b. In the Select Database dialog box find the repository directory that you have moved.
    c. Select the Database folder under the repository folder.
    d. Select the Database file *.mdb.

  18. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator click on the OK button.

  19. Move your pointer on the Red box in the System Tray, select server configuration Menu appears.

Running the server for the first time:

If you have move the repository to a different directory or hard drive letter other than the original creation setting please use the following steps:

  1. Click on the StarTeam VirtualTeam server icon and launch the "select server configuration" dialog box.

  2. Select the server configuration you would like to start, and select the properties button.

  3. Set the new path for the Server startup log path.

  4. Select the check box "View server configuration before server starts", and then click OK.

  5. Start the StarTeam server configuration.

  6. Enter user logon and password.

  7. In the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server Configuration dialog box on the General Tab in the Attachments Box make sure that the path is pointing to the new locations.

  8. In the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server Configuration dialog box on the Vault Tab make the sure that the following item are pointing to the correct directory:

    • Vault Path

    • Disk Cache Path

    • Archive Path