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Question: How do I setup email for StarTeam?

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The mail setup for 4.2 is easier than our previous releases. If you have installed 4.2:

Do one of the following:

  • On the computer where the server is installed, double-click the server icon on the taskbar; or,

  • On the computer where the server is installed, right-click the server icon and select Configuration Properties from the pop-up menu.

The Select Server Configuration dialog opens. (Please note: From StarTeam, you can select Tools Server Administration Configure Server..., but you can only review the e-mail settings from StarTeam. You cannot change them.)

Select the General tab.

Select the Enable E-mail Support check box. StarTeam uses the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which traditionally
operates over TCP using port 25. It is widely used, particularly on UNIX systems and is the Internet's standard host-to-host mail transport protocol.

In the STMP Server text box, enter the IP address for your SMTP server or a fully qualified DNS name. Access should be fastest if you use an IP address.

(Optional.) The Port text box defaults to 25. Change it if your SMTP server uses another port.

For StarTeam 3 and other StarTeam 4 releases:

Make sure that the system where StarTeam Server is installed can connect to your e-mail server. Please use the following steps to check if e-mail is enabled for the computer:

  • Go to Control Panel and locate the Mail and FAX icon and click (Your icon may just be called Mail). Please make sure that the Mail and FAX Services is not empty.

  • The StarTeam Server will use the Mail and FAX user profiles stored on the computer to connect to the Mail Server. This profile must be named "StarTeam", spelled exactly that way without the quotes.

  • The users in the User Manager need to have valid e-mail addresses in the system:

Creating a StarTeam profile in the Mail and FAX Icon.

  1. Go to Control Panel and locate the Mail icon and click.

  2. Click on the Show Profiles.

  3. Either copy the existing Profile and change the name to StarTeam.

Or add a new profile in the Mail and FAX Icon:

  1. Click on the Show Profiles.

  2. Click on the Add button.

  3. Select the appropriate service for your E-Mail Server.

  4. Enter the Profile Name.

  5. Fill-in information about e-mail and server add connect.

  • In the StarTeam Server configuration screen, under the general Tab, make sure you have checked "Enable e-mail support".

  • Verify that all users who will be using e-mail have a valid e-mail address specified in their user properties.

  • If you are going to use Microsoft's "Internet Mail" service, or POP3, you will want to install a MAPI compliant client like Microsoft Outlook. This is due in part to the way these services work. Your MAPI client, connected to the same profile as StarTeam server (i.e. StarTeam) has to be running as an application while the StarTeam VirtualTeam server is trying to send mail. A MAPI client is also a good way to check and see if StarTeam is sending your e-mails correctly. If you send an e-mail in StarTeam, go to your MAPI client and see if the mail is waiting in the outbox or the sent box of the MAPI client. The email has made it that far, it is just a matter of fine tuning your profile to get the e-mail to it final destination. (There is probably a setting such as a server address that is not right in your e-mail profile).

  • Finally, it is easier to set up e-mail and to perform e-mail tests while the StarTeam Server is running as an application. If you want to run the StarTeam server as an NT Service, try getting e-mail working as an application then start StarTeam as an NT service. Due to the limitations of the POP3/Internet service, the StarTeam server may not be able to run as an NT service at all while serving e-mail.

MS Exchange Servers

Some special care needs to be taken when setting up a StarTeam server to work with MS Exchange.

  • Where StarTeam Server is installed please check the Mail and FAX icon in the Control Panel and make sure that MS Exchange Server item is in the Services tab. Please use the following steps to add the MS Exchange Server to the computer if the Exchange Server Services isn't installed.

  • Click on the Add button, and select the MS Exchange Server Service.

  • Enter the Name of the Exchange Server and a mailbox of a user in the Exchange Server then click on OK button.

  • Click on the Delivery tab and make sure that the system is sending mail to a mailbox on the MS Exchange Server.

StarTeam Team requirements

  • When you are using the Exchange Server, the users in the StarTeam User Manager need either the X400 or internet e-mail address in the users e-mail address box.

  • You may want to create a mailbox that StarTeam can use named StarTeam.

  • If you run the StarTeam server as an NT service:

    • Go to the Control Panel, Services applet.

    • Select the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server service, and click Startup.

    • Click This Account and add a user. (This user must have administrative rights to the NT machine StarTeam is running on. In addition, the name and the password of this user must be identical to the name and the password of the account created for StarTeam on the Exchange server. So if the Exchange server e-mail account is user=:StarTeam, password=:StarTeam, then the NT service must specify the same values. In addition, this user must also be created in the user manger for NT, and be a member of your domain, if you have a domain.)