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Creating Build Reports

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In order for your customer to create a report to show what's changed you'll need to perform the following steps:

Need to Create a Filter:

  1. Create a query - the condition should be "Files not equal to current".

  2. Create a filter for Configuration Index / Version Description Document (include the following fields, View, Folder, Name, etc. also make sure your user sorts and groups by Status under the filter set-up)

Need to Display files that have been Modified:

  1. Check out all the files based on that build (e.g. build 2)
    NOTE: make sure directory is clean of any other items prior to checking out build 2

  2. 2. Roll the View Configuration back based to the previous build label (e.g. build 1)

  3. The View should show files with the status of Modified (file modified), Not In View(file added) or Missing (file deleted) in build 2

  4. Apply Filter Configuration Index / Version Description Document this will clear all files that display the status of current, if any and group files for reporting.

  5. Perform a right click - go to reports - select the default and generate