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Branching in Powerbuilder

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  1. Place the objects under version control in Powerbuilder (create the *.pbl).

  2. In StarTeam create a view. The View will be Derived, Branched, Branched All.

This is KEY when asked to select an alternate working directory in the creation of the view do not change the working directory. You will receive a Cautionary from StarTeam. Select "No".

When the View is created Specify a Base Configuration based on:

  1. "As Of..."

  2. "Label"

Do not set to "Floating".

  1. Return to Powerbuilder.

  2. From Menu select Source...Configuration.

  3. Create a new Configuration (*.cfg) file. Do not change the User Name, Project or path.

You will be asked to create a "New" select an "Open Existing" project. Select "Existing". You will be asked to log onto the StarTeam Server. Select the correct server and select the "View" at the button of the window for the branched view you created.